BTS will showcase the documentary ‘BRING THE SOUL: DOCU-SERIES’, which includes the journey of ‘LOVE YOURSELF’ tour through the official fan community ‘BTS Weverse’.

‘Bring the Soul: Docu Series’, exclusively released at ‘BTS Weaver’, is a six-part series that can be purchased for a fee from Weverse. It will be released one by one every Tuesday, starting on the first episode on August 27 and ending until October 1.

Bringing the Soul: Docu Series is a close-up shot of BTS struggling for the perfect stage with a North American and European tour as well as a Seoul concert for the LOVE YOURSELF tour, which began in August last year.

In particular, it contains new episodes and behind-the-scenes stories not seen in the movie “ BRING THE SOUL: THE MOVIE ”, which was released on the 7th. In addition to the concert stage, various appearances to meet more fans are also released.

In addition, he interviewed some of the larger scales and stages of previous world tours, including the first solo show in the US and the first European tour since his debut, and the honest feelings and impressions of the world. You can also see the momentum that BTS has reached its current position, concerns about the stage, and thoughts about members and fans.

Prior to the 27th episode, the official trailer and synopsis of the Bring the Soul: Docu Series were released on the official website and WeBus. The highlights of the six-part documentary series and the storyline for each episode are included, raising the curiosity and expectations of the main story.

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