Recently, JYP Entertainment (JYP) announced that GOT7 will release a new album ‘SPINNING TOP’ on the 20th and will start a new world tour from June.

JYP will show two SPINNING TOP teaser images for the first time on GOT7 ‘s various SNS channels on 7th.

The group teaser GOT7 expresses the fashion of the hip mood with colorful colors painted with each personality. In another black and white teaser image, it showed a backward appearance with a myriad trajectory, and produced a meaningful atmosphere, which brought out the expectation of a comeback.

GOT7 has stimulated the curiosity of those who open up the “SPINNING TOP” teaser video, which shows a gentle rotation of the top and a shaking as the balance loses little by little.

‘SPINNING TOP’ is an album that anticipates their new trajectory. Before the comeback, GOT7 will release various contents such as music, messages and visuals in order to communicate with fans.

GOT7 will make its first comeback in 2019 through the new ‘SPINNING TOP’, and on the occasion of June 15th and 16th, GOT7 will host the 2019 World Tour. Last year, 17 cities in the world, the 21st performance world tour ‘GOT7 2nd WORLD TOUR’ EYES ON YOU ‘(New Seven Second World Tour’ Aizu On Yu ‘)’ and ‘global grand stone’ .

JYP is planning to announce a specific tour plan in the near future, as GOT7, which is loved by Aga Birds (fans) all over the world, is raising questions about 2019 world tour holding area and first performance city.

On the other hand, GOT7 is only 5 months since the repackage album ‘Present: YOU’ & ME Edition (” Presents: Yu & US Edition ”), which was released last December as ‘Miracle’ And released a new album ‘SPINNING TOP’.

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