TWOTUCKGOM has focused attention on fans on the official SNS and YouTube channels on the 13th, by showing the still cut of the “Monster X’s dog day” on the Monster X’s reality web show.

In the still-cut release, Monster X shows full-bodied puppies and two-shot charm. The members wear a pink sweatsuit and wear a bright smile and gaze at the camera to make their minds warm.

In particular, the usual Stage on the stage and boast of intense and sexy visual Monster X, cute babe bikes with fresh and sporty appearance boasts the charm of the reverse. In addition, the members show their affection by holding puppies in their arms and adding affection.

‘Dog-like Day of Monster X’ is a reality web art show, and you can see the new character brand ‘Touxin Bear’ which is co-operated by Monster X and NC Soft Co., Ltd. (representative Kim Tae-jin) In addition, Monsta X is leading the fan’s interest by showing a pleasant day filled with babies and healing through the program.

Furthermore, since Monster X has put the position of ‘entertainer stone’ in the various entertainment programs including ‘Monster X-Rays 1, 2 and 3’ in advance, I have a smile on my face.

Monster X, which has a versatile appeal to web entertainment, is now the third World Tour(Weihai) is currently performing 23 shows in 20 cities around the world. Starting in Seoul in April, the concert was held in five cities in Thailand, Australia, Malaysia, and Europe, and the tour continues to North and South America.

On the other hand, the web entertainment ‘Monster X’s Dog Day’ is released every Monday and Thursday at 7 pm on the ‘Touche Bear’ YouTube channel.

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