‘Weekly Idol’ is scheduled to show NCT 127’s debut song ‘Fire Truck’ through Simultaneous Broadcast of MBC Everlon and MBC Music on 5th at 5 pm.

NCT 127’s debut album ‘Frie Truck’ is a member of the members who want to cool the eyes and ears of everyone who is tired of heat and stress through music like a fire truck that rushes and fires wherever there is a fire

It’s a song. As soon as NCT 127 made its debut, it captivated fans with a charismatic and unparalleled presence.

The NCT 127, which returned to its debut as a costume of the day, showed a strong resilience and a charismatic facial expression. In addition, 2019 Johnny and Dooyoung join and 2018 Jungwoo joins as the last member of the new 2019 version of the Fire Truck (Fire Truck) stage proved the unlimited growth potential of NCT 127.

The 2019 version of NCT 127, ‘Fire Truck’, will be unveiled at 5 pm on May 5 at Weekly Idol, which is broadcast simultaneously on MBC Evolution and MBC Music.

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