On the same day, it was time to take a closer look at the new album ‘We Boom’, which gave NCT DREAM the first place in the weekly record chart. About the title song ‘BOOM’, Ji Sung said, “When I first heard this song, it was a little difficult. It was so different from what we’ve done before, ”said Frank.

Following the introduction of the song ‘STRONGER’, Ji Sung said, “Before I came back, I hoped that ‘STRONGER’ would be changed to the title. “BOOM is better now,” he said.

As the song “ Best Friend ” came out, Jisung revealed his special relationship with Chlor. Intelligence said, “I met Chowler in China in 2011. I didn’t know each other, but it turned out that I played with me on a certain broadcast. ”

Geno, who participated in the “ Dream Run ” lyrics, explained, “The title song that NCT DREAM had done so far is in the lyrics, or it contains the contents of the mini concert called ‘DREAM SHOW’.”

In addition, Xeno said, “While you want to convey what you want to convey well and it sounds best if it sounds better,” Geno writes it as a “letter in my mind.”

NCT DREAM, which was released as a patented medley dance for ‘Idol Radio’, was released in ‘Chewing Gum’, ‘My First and Last’, ‘We Young’, ‘GO’, ‘We Go Up’ and ‘STRONGER’. Introducing the knife-kunmu, showing the reverse charm.

In the corner that followed, Jaemin was applauded for her cuteness by reinterpreting ‘My Song Haesong’ in his own style. The members were surprised by the fans who visited Sangam MBC Garden Studio by replaying a scene from the drama ‘Spring Night’ as a creepy mall input.

Finally, NCT DREAM transformed into an emotional DJ, introducing their recommended songs, and having an ending.

MBC Radio’s idol program ‘Idol Radio’ is broadcasted at MBC standard FM (Seoul and Gyeonggi 95.9MHz) and MBC radio application mini every day at 1 am~2am. Every night at 9-10 pm, you can meet the radio (except weekends) before the broadcast in the Naver Vlive application (V app).

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