Miss Egyptian Diana Hamed, Miss Holland Face Landman, Miss Hungary Virak Koruknai, and Miss Costa Rica Natalia Carbahal appeared in the SBS Plus entertainment program, ‘Korean in the Land’, which aired on the night of the 24th. 

The beauty of ‘Korean language on the ground’ started with breakfast and vocalized about human rights in Egypt. Diana said, “In Egypt, if a wife goes out without telling her husband, the husband can beat the wife. If the wife cheats on her, the husband can kill her. On the other hand, if the husband cheates on her, nothing happens. The man is okay because she is not pregnant. “Attention,” he said, creating a shock. 

As a result, the beauty was shocked and surprised, “Isn’t there a female human rights protest?” “It’s considered to be an affair to join women in human rights protests in Egypt,” said Diana. But he added, “Egypt is also changing little by little. 30% of men are changing openly.” 

Subsequently, the members met with Se-woon Jeong and Hwi-jae Lee. It was to learn Korean traditional dance with the mission of the day. The beautiful women dressed up in hanbok and enjoyed the first hanbok in their lives. Subsequently, he began to learn fan dance and Hwagwanmu in earnest. The beauty of the Korean traditional dance, from Korean ginseng to ginseng fan, melted into traditional dance.

In particular, the fan dance was more difficult because you had to learn how to catch the fan. From unfolding and folding the fan, to the spectacular military dance, to the spectacular view of everyone gathering the fan to create the fan flower. 

A situation where you have to digest the dances you have learned without the help of an instructor. The ‘Korean language on the bare land’ beauty sprayed Korean ginseng and perfectly digested even the gesture of greeting Hwangwanmu. Subsequently, he succeeded in successive movements with a more serious look than ever before, and smoothly digested the connection with a fan dance. 

The fan dance that followed was also stable. At first, I digested the bad fan unfolding action at a time and gradually completed the learned actions. Although making the last fan flower was not easy, the members repeatedly practiced in concert and eventually created a fan flower to master the fan dance to create warmth.

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