On the afternoon of the 21st, KBS2 weekend drama ‘Love is Beautiful, Life is Wonderful’ (plays Bae Yoomi, director Han Junseo) was broadcast.

Gu Jun-hui proposed to Kim Chung-ah. Kim Cheong-ah said, ‘Don’t just kneel down’, but Jun-Hwi Koo was afraid of it. It turned out that Jinwoo Do advised. Gu Jun-hui proposed by putting a ring on Kim Cheong-ah’s finger, and at the end, she proposed a ring with a large diamond. Cheong-ah Kim nodded and accepted the proposal.

Kang Si-wol met Hong-yu. Kang Si-wol, who felt betrayed by what Hong Yu-ra said earlier, told Hong Yu-ra, who could not look at herself, “Why can’t you see it? Would you tell me if I would say? ” In response, Hong Yu-ra said, “When my eldest son went abroad, he tried to tell the truth and take his name off. I didn’t want to suffer any innocent son. Believe it or not, I wanted to protect you. ”

Kang Shi-wol was more angry with Hong Yu-ra’s confession. Kang Si-wol said, “I am abominable,” and he felt betrayed by Hong Yu, as well as Kim Cheong-ah and Gu Jun-hui. Kang Si-wol, who went to the two by driving a motorcycle along the way, tried to hit Gu Jun-hui, but turned in the direction and hit the pole. He was then transferred to the emergency room to undergo surgery.

In the process of surgery, the sad fact that a nail was nailed to the head was also revealed, and Kim Cheong-ah kept the bed by singing the song that Kang Si-wol sang for her. Kang Si-wol, who regained consciousness, told Kim Chung-a, “It’s hard to see you. Please disappear in front of me, ”he suppressed his feelings. Koo Jun-hui called Hong Yu-ra and asked about her self-report, and reported the status of Kang Si-wol.

Cheong-ah Kim and Jun-hui Koo kept Kang Si-wol even outside. “Why did n’t I avoid it? Kang Si-wol at least believed that he would not have hit me in front of Cheong-ah Kim’s eyes. ” Jun-hui Koo did his best to change Kang Si-wol’s patient clothes.

Kang Si-wol felt strange emotions from Kim Cheong-ah, Gu Jun-hui, and Mun Tae-rang (Yoon Bak), who take care of themselves. When I heard the news of Munhaerang, I ran to the hospital in amazement.

Gu Jun-hui met Kim Cheong-ah, who said there was something to say in the evening. Jun-hui Koo took a ring he couldn’t tell before and proposed. But Kim Chung-ah said, “I do n’t think I will receive it. “I don’t think I can go to London.” There is also a call you must answer. ” “Just save the child,” said Gu Jun-hui, saying he would help the high school girl in danger first, then break up for a while and then meet again.

Hong Yu-ra visited Kang Si-wol. On the knee, Hong Yu-ra said to Kang Si-wol, “Thank you. Because we did not hurt Jun-hui. And sorry. I hurt you again. I will tell the world what I did. I promise. “You will never be deceived again.” However, Kang Si-wol set up the day saying, “There is not enough nails to forgive.”

Kang Si-wol was also angry with Kim Chung-ah. “I don’t know what I’m feeling,” Kang Si-wol said. “Do you not feel betrayed by the person you believed the most?” I made an idiot to the end of me because of my favorite guy. “I’m sorry for not knowing it, and sorry for not giving up.” “To be honest, I was worried about him. Sorry for hurting me too. But like you, I have never been sincere when dealing with you. I was worried, and even seeing just one red bean bread hurt my heart. ” Moon Haerang, who watched the two, left again.

Kang Si-wol saw Kim Cheong-ah and Moon Haerang arguing. In the process, I also knew that Moon Hae-Rang was the abuser of Kim Seol-ah’s school.

Meanwhile, Do Jin-woo met with Kim Seol-ah (Cho Yoon-hee) in a store where Kim Young-woong is working part-time. Do Jin-woo said, “Like Gu Jun-hui, I am about to leave. A small island in the Caribbean wants to do a new business. The company leaves it to a professional manager, and I try to remove my tags. I think I’ll keep thinking of you here. Forget me and meet a good man. You have to be happy. ” In response to Do Jin-woo’s changed appearance, Kim Seol-ah said, “Can we go? Don’t go. ”

Hong Hwa-young (Park Hae-mi) had a headache because of Moon Haerang. My apology didn’t allow me to apologize, and I was worried that I wouldn’t do it.

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