‘Someday I Found A Day’ (hereafter ‘A Day’) is a romance drama of Fantasy Academy that overcomes the real destiny that is based on the story of ‘Dawn and the Day’

Especially, WebtoTun has already figured out what kind of drama will be born by enjoying many subscribers because of its delicate ambassadors that have melted the unique setting of the manga comics and the unique sensibility of teenagers, The situation is gathering expectations from.

Here, Kim Sang-hyup PD, who has been loved for his unique and sensuous production through works such as ‘The King loves’, ‘Gorgeous temptation’, ‘Mama’, ‘7th grade official’, ‘Dong-yi’ It is raising expectations. Kim PD said, “As much as the original work has been loved, we are making a lot of effort in casting as well as a careful analysis of the charm of the original work.” “I would like to have a lot of attention and affection for the re-interpreted” I have not been able to do that.

The MBC new tree mini series’ What I Found Someday ‘is scheduled to be broadcast in September following the’

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