Limitless (Jangmunbok, AM, Yoon Hee-seok, Rei-chan) releases the first digital single ‘Dreamplay’ through various online music site on 6th.

Limitless, which means ‘no limits’ and ‘infinite possibilities’, includes a long-awaited response to ‘Superstar K2’ and ‘Produce 101’ Season 2 (‘Fdu 2’), AM (AM), Yoon Hee-suk, and JTBC ‘Mix Nine’, which appeared together in ‘Fdu 2’, and Raychan, who was visually attracted by the visuals.

The debut single ‘Dream Cube’ is a metaphorical representation of the members’ dreams and the starting point of their fantasy ‘debut’. It is impressive that the lyrics are getting deeper into the illusion of dreams.

It’s a dream-like sound that matches the title of the song, a highly addictive chorus, Limitless’s powerful vocals and rap, and it will catch the listeners’ ears at once.

The music video to be released at the same time as the sound recording is expected to give a feeling of being lost in the fantasy as well as the warm visual of the members who seemed to have torn out the cartoon, the brilliant visual effect and the mysterious atmosphere.

Limitless’s debut single ‘Dream Ping Pong’ will be available from 6 pm on September 9, and will hold its debut media showcase in advance of the release of the sound recordings and digest its first official schedule.

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