Starship Entertainment’s agency posted a photo behind the music video shooting site of the project single ‘Bangkok’, which was owned by singer-songwriter Francis.

In the public picture, Soyu catches the eye by creating a colorful atmosphere in the room under the theme of summer in line with the title of ‘Bangkok’.

From green fresh and lively dresses to blue shirts with cool refreshing feelings, the costumes of colorful colors are perfected and complete the attractive visuals. In addition, Yu-Yo cools down the summer heat of those who enjoy watching comic books, playing guitar, singing and enjoying the perfect Bangkok vacation.

On the 9th, Yu-Jin, who showed her pleasant summer season, announced her collaboration with singer-songwriter Francis and ‘Bangkok’, which are very popular with overseas artists.

‘Bangkok’ is a summer-themed song that captures the cool moments dreamed of in a hot summer room, and its own cool vocals and Francis’ attractive voices create fantastic breaths and are attracting the attention of music fans.

Soy has recently been active in various fields including album, OST and broadcasting.

He played an active part in various genres of entertainment programs ranging from music contests to beauty, such as ‘kissing’, ‘trend with me’, ‘thumb survival 1 + 1’, and ‘the call 2’. [Refresh] and the title song ‘Black Night’ showed unique music colors such as challenging first dance music after solo and ranking first in music broadcasting. In addition, he has solidified his position as a sound source by continuously participating in collaboration activities and popular OSTs with various artists including ‘Oh Rain’ announced in May with Oban.

On the other hand, Soy and Francis released the collaboration song ‘Bangkok’ on various music sites on the 9th.

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