On the 12th, the TVN “In-Laws in Practice” was presented at the Stanford Hotel in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, attended by Jeon Seong-ho PD, MC Nodangye, cast members Kwon Hyuksoo-Miju, Kyung Lee-Austin River and Nam Tae-hyun. Jang Do Yeon was absent.

The “In-Laws in Practice” is a program that shows married life of couples who became virtual couples with a new virtual wedding reality launched on May 5, and their real parents share their virtual lives and talks with each other.

“In-Laws in Practice” is a colorful cast lineup that gathered topics before the broadcast. Nocheon, Kim Guura and Seo Min-jung came up with MC, and appeared as a cast to perform a virtual marriage, Gwon Hyuck-suk, Austin Kang-hyeon, Nam Tae-hyun and Mi-ju. Former PD said, “I made the ‘Woorijin’ at first, and I started to worry that it is not fake, and went on for ten years.” Woosin “evolved and idols went to announce their faces. I had a feeling that I wanted to do something that I felt was fun at first, “he said.

“So, I thought that it was wise for them to talk to you and I thought that the program format they watched would be interesting, too.” I thought that it would be natural to look at it. I thought that if I can give various advice about marriage, I can get the wisdom about how to live wisely and fun point about marriage life. ”

“I heard a lot about the actress Nam Tae-hyun about the cast,” I have heard a lot about being attracted by people around me, so when I look at it with interest, it’s almost a genius, and I am constantly producing the correct answer. I was worried about it, I bet, but it was unexpectedly good. ”

Noh Sa-yeon, let’s ask about celebrities like samgo daughter-in-law, “gatgin the age difference, but I hope that some day when IU. In that style,” he said. In addition, he named Jang Do-yeon as one of the cast of ” “I am interested in Nam Tae – hyun – Jang Do – yeon ‘s wife and I am very young, but she is warm and caring, I see her again. Nam Tae-hyun said, “When I was cast for the first time, I thought that I should concentrate on music, but I changed my mind a bit. I think that music can be loved if I become famous, ,

Jeon Sung-ho, PD, casting Kwon Hyuck-su and the Americas, said, “I have a lot of energy, but it is a careful and ready-made style. I wanted to show them. ”

“When I was a music-centric PD, I saw the Lovelies and thought” Lovelies were Americans. “I hoped that the Americas would distract the revolution. ‘Said Jeon. He also said, “There is a feeling of serenity.” The Austin River said, “My wife is well laughing and cool. It is good to be with the accounting. Chemie is right. I feel really married. My character likes it so well. “” I came to the first broadcast, and my mom liked it, “It was so good.” My mother seems to like the Austin River more than I do. As an adult, I have not seen my dating since I live away from my parents. So it seems like you are enjoying it. I am in a good mood, too.

“A couple of wives and novices The couple who are most likely to develop into couples are Kyung Lee and Austing River. When I watch it by observation, I feel that it is actually approaching to accounting. The Austin River may be hurt. I think it will have to be financially good. ”

On the other hand, the show “In-Laws in Practice” is broadcast every Friday at 7:40 pm.

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