Movie ‘Long Revere King: Mokpo Hero’ production company has suffered serious copyright infringement due to online illegal leakage .

“The Long Revere King: Mokpo Hero” production company said on December 12, “We have been suffering serious copyright damage due to online illegal leakage, so we decided to take tough legal action.” ‘Long Revere King: Mokpo Hero’ started the concert VOD service on the last 10 days.

According to the company, movie images were illegally uploaded to SNS, YouTube, and illegal download sites at home and abroad as soon as VOD service was implemented. The company said, “We will take tough legal action against the illegal release, emphasizing that all acts of unauthorized publishing, distributing, distributing, distributing, sharing or downloading the main movie footage are serious criminal offenses.”

“We will continue to investigate illegal download routes and ask for an investigation into the police cybercrime investigation against the copyright infringement and damages, and we will continue to take legal action against the illegal distributors without any preconditions.” did. Meanwhile, ‘Long Revere King: Mokpo Hero’

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