Rocket Punch (Yeonhee, Jury, Sooyun, Yoon Kyung, Sohee, Dahyun) made their debut in the music industry after releasing the title song ‘BIM BAM BUM’ on the 7th mini album, ‘Pink Punch’. .

The ‘Bimbamboom’ music video released through YouTube channel Ullim Entertainment and 1theK at 6 pm on the previous day recorded 1 million views and 2 million views as of 8 am, 8 hours in public. Beyond

Along with the release of the music video, various reactions to the rocket punch debut stage were very hot, with real-time search queries such as ‘Rocket Punch’ and ‘Rocket Punch Beam Boom Boom’ rising to the top.

In addition, the music chart has a unique presence as a result of the rookie group. Immediately after the release of the sound source, ‘Bimbamboom’ was ranked 86th in the country’s largest music site Melon, and as a rookie group, it has succeeded in entering the charts.

Rocket Punch’s debut song ‘Bambam Boom’ is filled with fresh energy. ‘Bimbalm Boom’, which means ‘polka dot’ in German, is an impressive song with a unique chorus that sticks to your ears even if you listen to it.

Meanwhile, Rocket Punch will release its debut mini album ‘Pink Punch’ title song ‘Bimbalm Boom’ through Mnet ‘M Countdown’, which will be live on the afternoon of August 8.

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