In TV Chosun’s ‘Wife’s Taste’ broadcast on the 24th, Hyunsook Kim and Jongjong Yoon challenged the Hamburger Challenge in Canada.

Hyunsuk Kim and Jongjong Yoon visited the restaurant to eat. At this time, I found a poster of a hamburger challenge on the wall of the restaurant, and challenged it with a dignity. The employee was worried, saying, “Is it okay to challenge from morning?”, But Hyunsook replied, “Of course”.

However, it was embarrassing to notice the appearance of a tremendous 3-tier burger with six patties. Yoon Jong-suk and Kim Hyun-suk ate a hamburger, and admired the taste by saying, “But it’s delicious.” Yoon Jong, who inhaled hamburgers and shakes without a word, succeeded in the 6-minute challenge.

Yoon Jong-eun left a picture on the wall of honor with a commemorative t-shirt.

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