Park Sun-ju, the original song composer, not only showed the admiration of reality but also made an unexpected bomb and raised expectations for the broadcast.

MBC ‘Radio Star’ planned by 11:10 pm on the 15th will be broadcasted on Naver TV, featuring live broadcasting of Ha Neung’s live show.

In the premiere video, Na Hyung-woon reinterprets ‘in front of your house’ with his own sensibility and draws his gaze. Previously, Na Young-woon called ‘In front of your house’ in ‘Produce 101 Season 2’ and recognized the singing ability. The short song for eight seconds was very popular and led him to the ‘Warner One’ debut.

Park Sun-ju opened the door saying that the main character of the next love call is ‘Hae-neung’. She admired her for calling ‘in front of your house’. She is a composer of this song and she praised Ha Neung as “a hard song that even Kim Bum Soo suffered.”

In response to a request to sing a song on the spot, Na Hyung-woon was embarrassed to say, “Is it too shaky?” But he was impressed by his excellent singing skills. As soon as she starts singing, Park Seon – ju closes her mouth and makes her laugh by showing the girl ‘s emotion that she could not see before.

After listening to a song by Na Seung – woon, Park Sun – joo said, “It might be a dangerous statement.” “The radio star,” which predicted the smiles of all time, will be broadcasted at 11:10 pm on the 15th, while the question of what her bomb is going to be.

On the other hand, ‘Radio Star’ is loved by a unique talk show that unleashes the real story by disarming the guest with the intention of the MC who does not know where to go.

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