Tiffany Young, who started a new challenge in the United States at the iHeart Radio Music Awards, held in Los Angeles in March, USA Winner of “Best Solo Breakout” category. Tiffany Young was the first Korean female singer to receive this award. He asked the testimony at that time: “I couldn’t believe I was candidate. I thought that I should work harder and attended the awards ceremony, and it was a very meaningful moment to win the award. ”

“When I went to the awards ceremony, I felt a little reaction and interest in my American activities. I think it is thanks to K-Pop that I received the first Korean award. I think K-Pop is receiving a lot of love from all over the world, and I’m interested in me. Whenever I go to a performance, interview, or awards ceremony, he tells me “Tiffany of K-pop Girls’ Generation.” So I also want to do better. I am so cool and proud to see K-pop juniors all over the world. I always cheer. (Laugh)

The story of the second generation girl group Girls’ Generation, the root of Tiffany Young, was also a must. Girls’ Generation debuted in 2007 with their single album, ‘The World You’ve Met Again’. Hit and loved as the best girl group in Korea. However, in 2017, all contracts with SM Entertainment, a subsidiary, failed, and Tiffany Young, Seo Hyun, and Suyoung moved to another agency. Tiffany Young laughed brightly when asked how often she contacted Girls’ Generation members.

“We are like family. Whenever the members’ personal activities are open, they cheer on each other, and when they think of something, they take a picture and talk about it. Since I focus on personal activities now, I don’t have any special plans for the whole body activity, but I believe that when it comes to timing, we can get together at once. This is the same idea for all members. I want to be proud of the members when Girls’ Generation is in full activity. So I want to be a nicer person and I want to be the best. ”

Tiffany Young said that she could come so far because she was in Girls’ Generation. Photo | Yoo Yong Suk Reporter
Tiffany Young, who debuted at the age of eighteen, was thirty years old this year. As a singer, he entered his thirties through his teens and twenties. After only 12 years of running, he recalled the past and said, “It was a very hard time.” “Because I loved my dreams and passions, I seem to have been able to come up step by step. Without love for dreams, it would not have come until now. I also had a family of members so I could grow up and do better. ”

The question of whether there is something different in my 30s is “I think it is definitely different,” he said. My music wasn’t just for me, but I wanted to be able to sympathize with someone. In the old days, ‘music is a space for me to heal’, and now I want to say ‘I want my music to be a place for someone to heal’.

In October, Tiffany Young will host a ‘Magnetic Tour’ in the United States, including San Francisco, Vancouver, Seattle, Chicago, Toronto, Philadelphia and Boston, and will challenge the US market once again.

“I spent a lot of time studying, preparing, and working invisible. I look forward to continuing to be a great Tiffany Young in the future. I especially want to say thank you for staying with me, ”he concluded the interview with his affection for the fans.

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