In the SBS entertainment program ‘Dongsang dream season 2-You are my destiny’ (hereinafter ‘Dong Sang dream 2’), which aired on the 3rd night, a surprise meeting between Lee Sang-hwa and Mo Tae-bum was unfolded.

On this day, Gangnam and Sanghwa went to the rental shop to rent skates. But the staff looked at the thighs of Gangnam and said, “The thigh is too thin. Can I ride?”

The idealization was absurd but insignificant. But the staff didn’t stop at this and told Gangnam that they could ride a sled.

However, at that time, Gangnam glanced up and exchanged his eyes with the staff.

The two people who left such a place, the staff noticed, “I can not recognize”, but when the idealization did not recognize until the end, the staff spoke up. The situation immediately.

Nevertheless, I don’t recognize the idealization at all, but I’m just stupid. Veil naked was none other than Korea’s first gold medalist Mo Tae-bum. Gangnam secretly invited Mo Tae-bum and Lee Sang-hwa, who did not know this fact, was surprised by the appearance of Mo-tae-bum.

Lee Sang-hwa, who confirmed that she was a mother, only smiled brightly. Mo Tae-bum is 26 years old with Lee Sang-hwa and is close to Gangnam.

Gangnam said, “I called for me to come,” he said. “It is a perfect friend to Sanghwa, and I met and made friends.”

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