Wija Wall held the first fan meeting ‘Chao Wol-color’ at the Jackie Chan Film Center in Shanghai, China on the 25th and met with fans.

Wijawal, who appeared in a pink jacket, surprised the fans with her prominent growth through the dance stage covering SF9’s ‘Osolemio’. Afterwards, we had a chance to communicate with fans about the survival program such as ‘Produce X101’ and Youku’s ‘Danji Myungji’.

In particular, “ Produce X101 ” Tony appeared as a special guest to celebrate the Wiju wall, which celebrated his birthday on the day of the event. Tony, who appeared with the birthday cake, was proud of his heartfelt loyalty by reading letters, delivering gifts, and celebrating his brother’s birthday.

At the end of the fan meeting, Wija-Wal showed tears after seeing the birthday videos made by the fans. Wijawol blushed as fans in Korea and China celebrated in each language. “Thank you for always cheering. I will try harder to be proud of you. ”

Wijawol is a trainee who appeared in “ Produce X101 ” and is called “ Bubge Trainee ” and gave a big smile with a cute Korean gag. Born in China, she was known for her anti-war history and solid singing skills that she studied design at Korean universities. The fan meeting, which was broadcast live through Tencent’s app, showed the popularity of Wija Wall by simultaneously watching more than 167,000 global viewers.

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