Kang Sky, Ahn Jae-hong, and Ong Sung-woo, who first saw the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Perito Moreno Glacier, did not stop laughing at the unusually beautiful and spectacular scenery. The glaciers were so endlessly spread that there were several observation decks. The three headed for a glacier view.

Ahn Jae-hong and Kang Hae-eul repeatedly admired “Really High” and “Really High”. Also, looking at the glacier near blue rather than white, Ahn Jae-hong said, “It is too blue to be white,” and Ong Sung-woo said, “I didn’t know that the glacier was so green.” When looking at the glacier for a long time, Ahn Jae-hong said, “The color of the flag of Argentina represents the sky-the glacier-the lake.” Kang Sky and Ong Sung-woo nodded, “Oh, really?”

Kang Sky, Ahn Jae-hong, and Ong Sung-woo wait while eating gimbap to see the collapse of the glacier tunnel that can be seen in 2-3 years. A guide from the side who informed the three of the glaciers collapsed, advising them to just put it in their eyes, saying, “Don’t take a picture, just look at it.” While eating gimbap, Ahn Jae-hong ate “Gimbap, which was just wrapped up by her mom” and ate it deliciously, and Ong Sung-woo also replied that it was “friendly taste.”

The three people, who rolled their feet in the cold and waited for the glacier, finally saw the spectacular collapse of the Perito Moreto Glacier tunnel, clapping their hands and cheering with joy.

Following this, Kang Sky, Jae-Hong An, and Sung-Won Ong go on mini-tracking. Before that, Ahn Jae-hong stopped by the store and bought a cup and Kang Seong-woo and Ong Seong-woo. He also filled the boat for the trip and arrived at the marina and boarded the boat. On the way to trekking, the three people who saw a statue that resembled the heavenly sky burst into laughter and took an authentication shot.

With the caution of “Never walk by the side”, the three begin tracking with the guide Emmanuel. Emmanuel surprised the three by saying “Hello!” As the first greeting. On the way to the blue pool, Kang Sky and Ong Sungwoo drank water with their hands, but Ahn Jae Hong, who bought the cup, drank with a cup and laughed.

As the scenery surrounded by ice continued, Jae-Hong An threw a joke that “I’ll bring condensed milk” and Ong Sung-woo replied, “With red beans.” The receptionist broke the road by breaking the ice on the floor saying he would take the three to a higher place. As he went up, the river sky laughed, saying “I’m going to stretch out today,” and Ahn Jae-hong also said, “Right angle of sleep.”

And finally, the three people who tasted the whiskey on the rocks, which will make the end of this trip. Kang Sky, Ahn Jae-hong, and Ong Sung-woo, who tasted whiskey and chocolate containing 400-year-old glaciers that the guide immediately broke up, enjoyed the moment.

After the trekking, the three people go to the mat to eat jjapaguri as they appeared in the ‘parasite’ for dinner. At the mart, three people were surprised when they heard the salesman say that the flower sirloin is about 9,000 won per 1 kg. When Ahn Jae-hong bought 2kg for Kim’s meal, Ong Sung-woo asked, “Can I eat all of this?” Then, Ahn Jae-hong resolutely replied, “I can eat it.”

When the three people find that the meat is much cheaper than expected, they continue to buy various types of meat, including tenderloin and bacon. I also bought foods I wanted to eat, such as wine and butter. Jae-Hong Ahn, who has a strong opinion on cooking, said, “There are too many things I want to buy.”

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