On the afternoon of the 18th, the SBS entertainment program ‘Trotsin Outed’ depicted the appearance of Trotshin who had a new morning in Vietnam.

Sulwoon-do is clumsy, but he slowly completed his own ‘American breakfast’ to entertain. Seolundopyo Morning remained popular, and Seolundo said “I love you” and was satisfied. Subsequently, Seol Undo added a friendly atmosphere by tasting the fruits and durians together for his personal broadcast.

Trotsin, who was traveling for the performance, recalled his memories recalling their first stage. Then, the time for the long-awaited show was approaching. The order of performances is supposed to be performed in the order of late birthday, assuming that Trotsin was born in the same year. Eventually, starting with the opening Joo Hyun-mi, the performances were decided in order of Jinsung, Seol-undo, Jang Yoon-jung, and Kim Yeon-ja.

At the busking site, phosphate cuts were made with audiences over 500 prepared spectators. Not only the people but also the locals of Vietnam flocked to the performances for the Korean people, and the Trotshin who confirmed this figure looked gloomy.

Boom and Jung Yong-hwa emerged as MCs, and the opening protagonist Joo Hyun-mi first appeared. At that time, Namjin, who was unclear about the participation in the performances in Vietnam on the schedule, secretly appeared and was excited to watch the performance.

Joo Hyun-mi selected ‘I really like it’ and opened a gorgeous opening. From the first measure of Joo Hyun-mi, the audience began to enjoy the performance with cheers. Joo Hyun-mi left the stage with a heart full of cheers from the audience. Looking at such Joo Hyun-mi, Namjin praised, saying “I did the opening properly.”

Following that, Jinsung, who came to the stage, expressed Korean han through the ‘Borigae Pass’ stage. Jinseong was more relaxed than his first performance, leading the audience to the stage. After the stage was over, the audience cheered for Jinseong, and Jinsung expressed his feelings, “After I sang, there was something munchy in my heart.”

On the next stage, Seol Undo reversed the atmosphere of the show with ‘A Twist of Love’. The audience came out near the stage and danced with Boom and Jung Yong-hwa to add to the fun of the stage. The audience enthusiastically twisted together.

Subsequently, Jang Yoon-jung appeared on the stage, and a child who prepared a support tool for Jang Yoon-jung gave a gift for Jang Yoon-jung’s daughter Ha-young and sent cheer for Jang Yoon-jung by saying, “Tell the world to the world. I love you.” Jang Yoon-jung gave a thrilling impression to the stage of the ‘Mokpo-haeng Slow Train’ and added anticipation to future trot performances.

Meanwhile, SBS ‘Trotsin Outing’ is a new concept trot entertainment program where the best trot gods in Korea challenge the ‘trot world stage’ and is broadcast every Wednesday at 10 pm.

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