On June 5, TVN’s new TV drama “Enter your search terms WWW” (hereafter referred to as “goble-yu”) is a portal site leading to trends, in which realistic romances of men and women shaking their hearts are drawn. Hee Hee is the head of the social department of the portal industry No.2 ‘Baro’, and he can not catch the bell and gives a more hot and pleasant story.

In a photo released on the 15th, Lee Da Hee (Cha Hyun ) boasts a natural athleticism so as to compete with a man and a jiu-jitsu. I have a healthy body, but the problem is that the lava in the anger, which is ready to explode at any moment in my mind, is different from the cold appearance. But there is an unexpected reversal. It is the lively audience of the drama drama. Before going to work, I am expecting a realistic appearance, which is angered and offended by myself, taking care of the drama every morning.

The production crew said, “Cha Hyun is a person who has a hot and unstable inner figure, as opposed to a seemingly cold and rational appearance. He plays the role of life in the role of the viewer, making it a character of life is refreshing and charming expression of Cha Hyun “and” I did not get angry, I promised not to play, but I can not bear the anger of life, Please expect a special story of Cha Hyun. ”

Meanwhile, ‘Enter the search WWW’ co-directed director Ji Sung Hyun co-directed ‘Sean Shine’, and Kwon Doo, who accumulated his expertise as an assistant writer for Kim Eun-sook, coincided with the author. Andam Pictures, who has created the best TVN commercials such as “Lonely, god-god-goblin” and “Sean Shine,” will be produced. Following her ‘private life’, it will be broadcast first at 9:30 pm on June 5.

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