tvN’s drama drama ‘Hotel DeLuna’ (played by Hong Jung-eun and Hong Mi-ran, Oh Chung-hwan, Kim Jung-hyun) has unveiled the best shooting scene even when the camera is turned off.

The eighth episode of ‘Hotel DeLuna’, which aired on the 4th, recorded an average rating of 9.1% for paid platform households and a maximum of 10.1%. The crew was grateful for the good response and unveiled the behind steel cut.

Beautiful, but Lee, Ji – Eun (IU) is writing a new life with wacky characters jangmanwol Hotel President. She has been in DeLuna for more than a thousand years and is not interested in the world and people. She has a playful smile on her face when she hears a ‘cut’ sound. On the other hand, Yeojin-gu, a straight guy who is responsible for the excitement of the weekend night and Yeojin-gu at the elite hotelier Guchanseong station, is an on-site atmosphere maker that doesn’t lose a smile anytime and anywhere.

Four hotel rooms in DeLuna, which are immersed in various chemistry dramas, Shin Jung-geun in Kim Sun-bi, Bae Sun-sun in Choi Seo-hee, Ji-hoon Joo in Ji-hyun, and Gang-na in Yuna, also have long-lasting friendships, frequent conversations, And were looking at each other with a smile. Another thing that catches the eye is the special performers who give the play a different dynamic every week. Ojiho, Lee Jun-ki, Lee Si-eon, Kim Joon-hyun, Lee Lee-kyung, and Park Jin-joo who have been together with various ties have shown a perfect breath with actors and give pleasant energy to the scene.

The secret to the creation of Hotel DeLuna’s fun drama was the teamwork of the actors, who became strong during the shooting, and the atmosphere of the shooting scene where laughter blooms every moment.

The production team said, “The site is full of warm consideration for each other. I would like to ask for your interest and support for the remaining 8 stories of Hotel DeLuna, which was created by actors and staffs in the energetic and loving shooting scene. ”

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