‘Hambangs of Hugu’ will end at 26th.

A broadcaster told the daily sports “the last filming of tvN ‘Amazing Saturday-Hogu’s Gaping Life’ took place last week. It will be closed after 26 episodes.”

The grade was not good. We did not get out of the swamp of 1% of ratings. The first broadcast of more than 2% left humiliation of its highest ratings. Unfortunately, we’ll finish the broadcast on September 7.

‘Hug’s Life’ is an entertainment program where performers find teams through various games. This is the corner where ‘Doremie Market’, the second part of ‘Saturday Saturday’, aimed at the twins as the team succeeded against the terrestrial. Unfortunately, it was over without seeing great results.

Performers Lee Soo-geun, Jung Hyung-don, Emperor Hwang-sung, Jang Do-yeon, singer Kim Jong-min, actors Lee Sang-yeop and Han Bo-rum, GOT7 JB, Seventeen Seung-gwan, Aizu One Choi Ye-na, and broadcaster Kim Tae-jin played as fixed members.

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