The TVN new weekend drama “Hotel del Luna” OST which is about to be broadcasted first is coming out on 13th.

‘Hotel del Luna’ OST producer Yumyum Entertainment joins the TVN new weekend drama ‘Hotel del Luna’ OST as a voice actress Tae Yeon, ten centimeters, haze, punch, etc. As the powerful sound source stronger joins the drama I am going to reinvigorate the drama with the masterpieces OST that coincides with the flow of the drama. ”

‘Hotel Del Luna’ OST has raised the expectation of participating in ‘OST of Love’, ‘Lovers of the Moon’, ‘Bobo Sensei’ and ‘Sun Generation’, Song Dong Woon, the best OST hits producer in Korea.

In particular, Song Dong Woon Producer will hit 4 songs including ‘I’ll Go to You Like a First Eye’ OST, ‘Stay With Me’, Crush ‘Beautiful’, and ‘I Miss You’ As a producer of the best OST production, it boasts a golden lineup in the ‘Hotel del Luna’ OST and predicts the birth of a luxury OST.

The drama ‘Hotel Del Luna’ is a deluxe hotel where the elder hotelier Wang Ji-sung (Jeju-do) takes on the manager of Hotel Del Luna as a fateful event. Fantasy is romance.

Meanwhile, Tae Yeon and ten centimeters, Hayes, TVN’s new weekend drama ‘Hotel Del Luna’ will be on the air for the first time on 13th.

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