‘melt me’ will be the first broadcast on September 28, and the main posters of the frozen humans of Ji Chang-wook and Won Jin-ah was released.

tvN ‘Take Me Me’ is a heartbreaking story that a man and woman who participated in a 24-hour frozen human project wake up 20 years later due to a mysterious plot. It’s a combination of Ji Chang-wook, Won Jin-ah, and, above all, frozen thaw romance, which is unveiled by the name. In the poster that was released on the 27th, ‘You and I the hottest moment 33˚’ is the reason that copy stimulates curiosity.

The average human body temperature is 36.5 degrees and 33 degrees means hypothermia. However, the temperature of Ma Dong Chan (Ji Chang-wook) and Go Mi-ran (Won Jin-ah) is 33 degrees even if it is the hottest. The two were directly involved in the Frozen Human Project and were only to be frozen for 24 hours before waking up, but when they opened their eyes, they faced an embarrassing situation 20 years later. To make matters worse, in order to survive, the body temperature must not exceed 33 degrees. In this context, hot love for them is a ban.

Heart beats and body temperature rises because of the threat of survival. Is that so? There is a hearty atmosphere between Ma Dong-chan and Go Mi-ran, who are frozen as if they are sleeping in a place where rare ice pops up. What do you mean by Dong-chan’s sad eyes and Mi-ran’s eyes looking at Mi-ran but staring at something other than Dong-chan? I’ve been frozen for 20 years and wondering how two men and women who can wake up in 2019 can write a hearty story.

The production team said, “Ji Chang-wook and Won Jin-ah have fully understood the meaning and concept that the poster wants to convey at the shooting site and showed a wonderful breath that melts completely by the role.” I would like to ask for your expectation and attention to the broadcast of how the young people will be filled in 2019. ”

The artists of the dramas “ Strong Woman Do Bong Soon ”, “ Legant She ” and “ The Miracles We Met ” meet the artists of “ Paris Lover ”, “ Secret Garden ”, and “ Gentleman’s Dignity ” Shin Woo-chul. It will be the first broadcast on September 28 at 9:00 pm following ‘Hotel DeLuna’ and ‘Asdal Chronicles Part 3’.

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