Lee Hye-ri and Kim Sang-kyung are ready to capture the viewers with a special ‘in-house chemistry’ equipped with a reality sympathy.

TVN’s new tree drama ‘Cheonil Electronics Mitsuri’ (directed by Han Dong-hwa / play Park Jung-hwa / production studio Dragon, Logos Film), which will be broadcast in September following ‘When the Devil Calls Your Name’, Lee Hye-ri and Kim Sang-kyung Unveiled his first still cut, sparking anticipation.

‘Cheonil Electronics Mitsuri’ is a human office drama depicting the process of employees of SMEs ‘Cheonil Electronics’ who are living in crisis and growing together. The acclaimed director Han Dong-hwa, who has been acclaimed for his sensational rhythms like OCN ’38 Sage Dongdae ‘and’ Bad Guys-City of Evil ‘, captures the megaphone, and Park Jeong-hwa writes the author’s sympathy. In addition, Lee Hye-ri and Kim Sang-kyung, who will present the world’s unique ‘mentor-menti’ chemistry, as well as Um Hyun-kyung, Cha Seo-won, Kim Eung-soo, Baek Ji-won, Kim Hyung-mook and Jung Hee-tae, are expected to add reality and pleasant laughter.

Lee Hye-ri played the role of ‘Mitsuri’ Lee Sun-sim, who was thunderbolt (?) As the CEO in the terminal accounting of ‘Cheonil Electronics’ just before the fall. Although there is no spec, it is extreme youth of this era, but the unique positive energy draws the ‘laugh’ growth period. Yoo Jin-wook, Kim’s manager, is a realist who has long been passionate about knowing the bitterness of reality. It is expected to play an active role as a mentor who will lead Lee Sun-sim, who is confronted with the company and colleagues, to grow into more painful advice than soft comfort. The two become mentors and mentees who are nowhere else in the world and start an extreme ‘revival project’ to save the company in crisis.

The meeting of Lee Hye-ri and Kim Sang-kyung is the reason why ‘Cheonil Electronics Mitsuri’ awaits itself. In the meantime, the pictures released show the images of Lee Hye-ri and Kim Sang-kyung, who are dressed in the most intensely realistic character. Lee Hye-ri, who is drawing a new face for youth, is perfectly inviting with ‘Mistress’. Mr. Lee Sun-sim, who runs all the errands of the company and runs around to sweat all day. The wearing of round glasses on a simple face without a toilet makes us realize the reality of extreme youth. However, the naive, straight eyes and bright smile without any tired signs raises the curiosity of the person named ‘Lee Sun-sim’ who is honest and courageous than anyone else.

In the pictures that follow, Kim Sang-kyung, who has transformed into a world-renowned realist “ Yu Jin-wook ”, captivates the eyes. Mr. Lee’s manager is not only “ free ” in front of the company’s employees but also the presidents of suppliers. Looking at the picture, the chic and light eyes blowing cold wind reaffirms Yu Jin-wook’s reputation as a ‘human juicer’ that squeezes juice from dried squid. Above all else, the relationship between Lee Sun-sim and Yu Jin-wook adds interest. Mr. Lee doesn’t give a glance to Lee Sun-sim, who glances at the eyes. Despite his chilly expression, the world, where he speaks courageously and steadily, Lee Sun-sim, who is contrasted with it, causes some laughter. Mr. Lee, who is avoiding his job, and Lee Seon-sim’s ‘Dang Dang Mi’, who are watching him, are more curious about the anti-war ‘Chemical Man’.

Lee Hye-ri is trying to build a character with a good sense of sympathy. Lee Hye-ri said, “Because I don’t have work experience, I can’t understand the feelings of Lee Seon-sim. “Lee Sun-sim is a character that is clear and pleasant without any tee, but has the power to move people’s minds. I will be able to show my growing self-sufficiency by overcoming many hardships and adversities. ”

Kim Sang-kyung explains why he chose “Cheonil Electronics Mitsuri.” “As the title of the drama shows, it is a story about ordinary people. Previously, there were a lot of unrealistic and dramatic developments, but this time, it was nice to be able to tell the stories of us. ” “This is a rare life-based drama recently. It was rewarding to tell you your story, and I often got involved in acting. You can expect it. ”

‘Cheonil Electronics Mitsuri’ will be aired on September 30 at 9:30 on TVN following ‘When the Devil Calls Your Name’.

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