TVN, the first TV drama to be broadcasted on the 31st, is a new drama series ‘When the devil calls your name’ (directed by Minjunki / drama Noh Hye-young) I posted a poster of Lee and caught my attention at a glance.

‘Devil’ is a soul-pledging comic Fantasy that plays a life-long game of life, ahead of contract expiration. When she learns that her success has deprived her of the talent and life of a girl, Harip recounts the story of a girl, herself, and the rest of her life and realizing the essence of her life. It unleashes a realistic story on a fantasy setting with the motif of Goethe’s classical masterpiece ‘Faust’, and predicts the birth of another dramatic dimension. ‘Legend Combi’, which has re-established the relationship with an unusual player who completely erases the color of his previous works and buys and sells souls, as well as Jeong Kyung-ho and Park Sung-woong, as well as the new mysterious charm attracted attention as a mysterious charm and unique presence makes the drama fans excited.

The posters released on the day contain four souls trapped in an intense atmosphere that crosses reality and fantasy. First of all, I am expecting the transformation of Jung Kyung-ho, who is divided into star composer Ha-ri, who sang the soul to the devil and Seo Dong-cheon who is an unknown singer. When the face of old and shabby Sodongcheon is reflected in the mirror, a moment of young and confident will appear. The phrase “I am my talent is mine, my fault is mine, my soul is mine” shines with desire, and it embraces the inside of the lower limb so as not to lose the things that it enjoys. He sells his soul to the devil and lives a reset. At the moment of the crisis of ‘soul contract expiration’, he intrigues curiosity about what hidden card he pulled out.

Park Sung-woong, who is devoted to the devil’s top star Motei River, emits a fascinating aura that can not help but fall. The sharp eyes that the devil has in his unique relaxed expression concentrate his gaze. The dark shadows that seem to swallow up the hurip at the back of his back are appalling. The phrase “Devil lives human despair. Will you sell your soul?” Adds a curiosity to the story of “the spirit of the soul” and the story of the Motha River. Gentle and beloved top star, but the Mottae River hid the darkness in the darkness. His appearance to show off his charm without hesitation has stimulated anticipation.

This was transformed into a mischievous Muse Kim Kyung-kyung who was deprived of his songs by Harip. Even the appearance without a makeup is full of the pulpit. It is an unfortunate life without a job, but the passion for music is not supported by anyone. One day, he suddenly grabs his hand and begins to send his voice to the world. As implied in their relationship, the posture of Kim Sung-kyung in the poster stands to the end of the soul. Indeed, it stimulates curiosity about the relationship between Kim Kyoung-gyeong and Nam-sik, who are unknown singer-songwriters.

Lee, who is an assistant and a devil-loving woman, is transformed into an unconventional style. Ji Seo-young is the only person who knows how to deal with the humiliated “Hyun-mi”. Her perfect weakness is that she is the ex-girlfriend of the top star Mom Tae Kang. Myeothee River, who smiles a meaningful smile as she passes through Ji Seeyoung, and the phrase “ex-boyfriend, sexy as well as sexy again” amplifies the curiosity of the relationship between the two.

‘When the devil calls your name,’ the production crew ‘has created a unique charm that only Jeong Kyung-ho, Park Sung-woong, Lee Seul, and Lee-lan are able to unearth the unpredictable story of four people deeply involved in the soul. “I hope you will see how dangerous games with demons that have souls as collateral will affect them.”

On the other hand, director Min Jin-gi, who led the acclaimed experimental directing through the ‘Circle: Two Worlds’, ‘When the Devil Calles Your Name’ is a mystery sci-fi actress, a drama ‘Unbreakable Uncle’, a movie ‘Singles’ ‘And’ Man ‘s manual’, etc .. It is a work which is expected with the coincidence of the author Noh Hye – young ‘s coincidence in the comedy with the dissemination of humanism.

‘Enter your search term WWW’ followed by the first 31st will be broadcast at 9:30 pm.

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