JYP Entertainment (JYP) announced on September 13th that it has released nine individual tweezers on the official SNS channel.

Twice is delighting fans by unveiling various teaser images and track lists ahead of the release of mini-7 ‘FANCY YOU’ and ‘FANCY’.

This teaser created a natural and comfortable mood that was different from the first personal teaser, and brought out curiosity about the new song ‘FANCY’.

Each of the nine members of the teaser in Twice grabbed their gaze, staring at the beauty that matched the ‘visual artisan’ modifier. The moody atmosphere of the warm colors was blown, and the fan shim was shot and the comeback heat was heightened.

The title song ‘FANCY’ is a pop dance song that tells the beginning of the twist of Twice by the concept of color which is clearly different from the one that I showed so far. The twisted and sophisticated charm of Twice and the mellow melody of the song blend together. In addition, he is the composer of Black Eyed Peas, a songwriter who made his hit songs such as ‘Deep in the Air’, ‘CHEER UP’, ‘TT’ and ‘LIKEY’ And the whole group wrote, composed and collected topics.

The new album ‘FANCY YOU’ is going to capture the fans ‘ears with an album that has been enriched with lyrics and Ji Hyo – Momo – Sana – Chae Young’ s lyrics with the colorful lineup including ‘Charli XCX’.

Meanwhile, Twice ‘s Mini 7’ FANCY YOU ‘

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