Twice took first place on the Oricon Weekly album chart with his new Japanese album ‘# TWICE2’.

According to Oricon on December 12, the album ‘# TWICE2’ topped the chart with about 200,000 points on the Oricon Weekly album chart. It was the first week after its debut in Japan, and it reached its first record on the third weekly album chart, exceeding 200,000 Oricon in its first week, achieving its own new record. This is the third highest number of this chart after ‘YES’ or ‘YES’, which exceeded about 181,000 points of the 1st regular album ‘BDZ’ released in September last year, and last year’s Korean album was ranked 1st on the Oricon Weekly album chart. As a result, she has been ranked among the top female artists in the Oricon Weekly album chart, with Madonna and Girls’ Generation as the overseas female artists.

After 7 years and 3 months after Kara’s ‘Super Girl’ released in November 2011, she recorded her first album of overseas female artist’s album, breaking her first week with 200,000 points. On the 6th day of release, he was still leading the Oricon Daily album chart with 14,819 points. The cumulative score for the sixth consecutive day is 200,771.

This album is the second work of #TWICE series which announced the birth of “Asia One-Top Girls Group”, which is a debut film of Twice Japan and acquired platinum certification with more than 250,000 copies sold locally. The album includes the title song ‘LIKEY’, ‘Heart Shaker’, ‘What is Love?’

Twice will tour dome tours of Osaka Kyocera Dome on the 29th and 30th of the same month and Tokyo Dome on April 30th and Nagoya Dome on April 6th in total of 210,000 people in 3 local cities and 5 performances. It is the first K-pop girl group and collects topics by the arrival of Tokyo Dome for the shortest period after debut in overseas artist thought. After the first dome tour, it achieved the first sold-out record and re-proved the aspect of the Asian One-Top Girls Group. Of Dome Tour title captures the meaning of the date tree Weiss made this stage, dream kkwoon day, dream on dreaming Dome since the debut in Japan decided to ‘TWICE DOME TOUR 2019 “#Dreamday” ‘.

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