On the MBN entertainment program broadcasted on the 18th, ‘Can we love again?’

The members of Udasa had a time to share their feelings. Lee Ji-an, who is raising 7 organic dogs and organic seedlings, confessed that she couldn’t make a sad tea because she was usually bright. “I thought that if I became acquainted with someone, I had to keep my righteousness to the end,” said Lee Ji-an. “It was divorced and difficult, but I couldn’t even make it to my family.” Then he said, “If I was sick, the people around me would have struggled. She hid her sickness and pretended to be happy. I had a lot of time alone at home, ”he said.

Su-yeon, who had divorced with a child after three months of dating, recalled the time. He said, “I had a child after 3 months of love, but the economic conditions were not good. He helped me a lot. “My mom wanted to make an extreme choice.” “I was dreaming of a singer while recording, but I wanted to protect my child. Like my parents devoted to their children, I only thought I had to keep them. ”

When asked if she was ready to love again, Yoo Hye-jeong surprised everyone by saying, “I’m worried about if anyone will like me.” “Imagine that Daniel Henney says he likes it. I won’t be excited. ” Lee Ji-an and Soo-yeon Lee attracted attention by saying, “I like people with good physical strength.”

Lee Ji-an, who held a home party, invited a friend and actor Kwon Min-jung, a Miss Korea senior, to eat a pork belly. Lee Ji-an, who had a great time roasting pork belly on the terrace at home, chatted all over.

“Isn’t it okay to marry at 60 to 70 years old if I do n’t have children,” said Lee Ji-an, who had been telling her a lot about her single friends. “I could have a child between the ages of 60 and 70,” she said. In response, Lee Ji-an embarrassed Kwon Min-jung by saying, “But it’s useless to be sexy.”

The three people who were doing the ‘love cell test’ were laughed when they realized that they were hibernating. In particular, Yoo Hye-jung, who was folding her fingers while watching the video, was embarrassed after being diagnosed with ‘love cell death’.

Lee Ji-an, who said the ideal, said, “I hate people with thin lips and voices. “I must be a man with good physical strength,” he said. “I hate a man who says he is tired and doesn’t want to do anything.”

When asked if there was a time when a man needed, Ijian said, “When I want to drink at home alone at night, I want to be together.”

In season 1, a picture of a fateful encounter with saxophonist Noh Jung-jin and Kim Gyeong-ran was depicted.

Kim Kyung-ran, who met Roh Jung-jin, a professor at Kwangwoon University from the Berkeley College of Music with Horan’s introduction, gave a nickname of ‘Anna’ and created a pink atmosphere. After the filming, the two of them went on their first date and went to see each other.

Shin Dong-yeop, who saw Kim Kyung-ran wearing a fluttering expression, said, “Look at her pretty face, because she may encounter it.” Looking at Roh Jung-jin, who was awkwardly greeting, the members of Udasa said, “Let’s be cute.”

The two people who asked each other regarded awkwardly and attracted attention. Noh Jung-jin, who said she started yoga, was pleased by saying that her American friends wanted to see Kim Gyeong-ran, or that she listened to Kim Gyeong-ran’s radio.

The two, who decided to eat bread for lunch, entered the professor’s office. Noh Jeong-jin rode the mix coffee for Kim Gyeong-ran. “It’s delicious,” said No Jeong-jin, who tasted the bread made by Kyung-ran Kim. It’s really delicious. ”

In fact, Kim Gyeong-ran, who said that the bread was very chewy, said, “I actually made sandwiches for the first time.” After lunch, Roh Jeong-jin bought a new saxophone for Kim Kyung-ran and was inspired.

“I didn’t say I would feel burdened. “But I love it, so I know what it is that the giver is more enjoyable than the recipient.”

Sooyeon Yeon, the 5th year of single mom, went to meet the mentor the one with the seasoned crab made by her mother. On the way to see him, Soo-yeon, who met the fans, took a picture and enjoyed it.

Sooyeon Yeon, who invited The One to a local restaurant, said, “Did it take you long to come? In fact, this is my neighborhood. ”

The one, who saw Jeongsu Yeon’s mother’s seasoned crab and handwritten letter of sincerity, expressed a munchy expression. Subsequently, The One, who tasted the kimchi seasoned crab and kimchi, praised her, saying, “You can sell this.”

“It was like winning a duet stage,” said The One, thinking of the time of ‘Voice Queen’ while eating steamed ribs and Baeksuk.

The single Daddy said, “I am close to my daughter, but not close. The daughter lives with her mother. I went to an amusement park with my daughter’s friends, but my friend looked brighter than my daughter. ”

Sooyeon Yeon, who shared her sympathy with her single mom, confessed that she is worried because her six-year-old son, Hajin, seems to avoid seeing friends with her dad at the playground. The One encouraged, “My mother is a better person than anyone, and my son Hajin is a bigger Wonder Woman than Superman.”

After finishing the stage, while talking to her sister Biseok, Sooyeon Yeon expressed her concern that “it’s been a long time alone,” and Bicequeen’s sister cheered, “You will do anything well.”

After completing the schedule, Soo-yeon had a drink with her father. When asked if her daughter was ashamed, Sooyeon Yeon said, “I’m upset, but I don’t want to say it’s your fault.” “I answered a call from my friends this time and asked if my daughter was divorced. It was a comforting word, but I was upset. ” Then he comforted, “Our time was ugly and I want to hide it, but the times have changed and I think it’s not ugly.”

After telling her parents that she was divorced, Soo-yeon Jeong expressed her anxiety that her parents suddenly became old, and her father turned red.

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