‘Life bar’ actor Yui reminded me of a time when I was in a bad mood. In the TVN ‘Life Bar’ broadcasted on the 11th, the actress Yui and Cha Chae Yeon of the drama ‘One Only Only’ appeared and talked.

Yoo said, “It was a sister-in-law after the school itself, which was the cause of the” hygiene craze “in the past. I did not know the popularity, “he recalled.

“I want to be fat, especially if I want to keep my thighs, but I can not do it,” Yui said, accusing him of being hurt by heartbreaking criticism of his appearance on an extreme diet.

He also said, “I can not go back to the footsteps because I’m fat.” I heard people say, “Why did you lose it?” And “Where did you put it?” I would have passed if I was an ordinary person, but my family would not be hurt. ” Yui said, “I can not express my heart to the outside.” “It seems I pretended to be brighter in the field so I would not let my family care.”

Yui said, “When I had a controversy, I was shooting a drama for my husband, O’Doho.” He said, “I was so embarrassed that I watched the people who watched it, and I poured tears.” .

Yui also said, “It is a situation that you have to play a bright character, but you have faced the limit of reality.” “If you express difficulty, you are not a young age.

It is the first time that the financial news of those dreaming success has been published.

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