Mnet ‘Produce X101’ Lee Jin-hyuk and Kim Woo-suk appeared in the up-tension. But not lacking. The eight members united together and were heavily armed with a refreshing feel.

Uptension returned to the eight-member system in eight months. Lee Jin-hyuk and Kim Woo-suk, who announced the uptension while appearing in ‘Produce X101’, were missing. The 8-member system’s uptension made its name thanks to Lee Jin-hyuk and Kim Woo-suk, and acknowledged that it received the highest attention since its debut.

To meet expectations, Uptension members worked hard on the album. The members showed their growth as they participated in the song work.

-On-site: Showcase mini album ‘The Moment of Illusion’

-Date: August 22, 2019, 4pm

-Place: CKL Stage, Jung-gu, Seoul

-Participation: Uptension Jinhu, Khun, Kogeup, Vito, Melo, Gyujin, Hwanhee, Xiao, 8 people

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# First 8-man system, ‘gravity stone’

Uptension made its comeback with the eight-member system for the first time since its debut. Uptension said it will work harder as there are eight people. In particular, Hwanhee drew attention with the determination, “I will work harder with the feeling of going back to my debut time.”

The title song of this uptension’s mini album is ‘Your Gravity’. It is a dance pop song that shows dynamic composition without any boring from beginning to end. It’s a song that tells you the power that is so strong that you can’t compare it with anything.

Gyujin wanted to have the name ‘Gravity Stone’ as the title song was ‘Your Gravity’. “I want to attract a lot of fans like a magnet so that you know us a little bit,” he explained.

# Lee Jin-hyuk, Kim Woo-suk cheer me up a lot

Lee Jin-hyuk and Kim Woo-suk couldn’t do uptension activities together, but they cheered a lot, the members said.

Jinhoo said, “When ‘Produce X’ was finished, I was almost finished working on this album.

In addition, Jinhu said, “I have talked a lot with the two people in the hostel while doing personal activities and 8-person system activities.” Song also added, “There is no action plan yet, but both Jin-hyeok and Woo-suk respect, support, and talk frequently.”

In particular, Uptension members celebrated Kim Woo-suk’s debut as X1, while Lee Jin-hyuk said it was not decided to join the team.

“We are Woosuk, Jinhyuk and trainees, we practiced together for a long time, and we did a lot of activities together. It’s a good thing to be congratulated. We had a lot of hardships. I’m sorry but I’m glad the good part is good. Jinhoo also added, “I believe that Woosuk will go well wherever he goes.”

Lee Jin-Hyuk said whether the team will join the team, “Once it is scheduled for the second half of this year, it is scheduled for the second half of this year.

# Group of 8, but 10 people

Uptension acknowledged that it announced the uptension thanks to Lee Jin-hyuk and Kim Woo-suk. The album is a special effort to show that the group is as good as its name.

Kyujin said, “Thanks to the fact that thanks to the two brothers, the public is interested in uptension.” .

Kuhn also said, “In fact, many people didn’t know about UPTEN. I’d like to hear why you didn’t know this group.”

Earlier, members such as melody and Vito stressed, “I’d like to watch the activities because Uptension has grown both musically and producerly.”

Last but not least, Kuhn said, “This time I work as an 8 player system, but I think 10 people are uptensioned.” Lee Jin-hyuk and Kim Woo-suk were both up-tensioned.

‘The Moment of Illusion’ will be released online on the 22nd and offline on the 26th.

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