Mnet Lee Jin-hyuk from ‘Produce X101’ appeared in ‘Radio Star’.

Lee Jin-hyuk appeared as a guest on MBC entertainment program ‘Radio Star’ which aired on the afternoon of July 7, and delivered the news of ‘Produce X101’ drop-out group Binein.

Lee Jin-hyuk from the impression of finishing ‘Produce X101’. “I didn’t know that I would be so much loved after it was over. I’m surprised that dramas and entertainment are coming in.”

“I don’t know yet. I’m not sure because I’m waiting.” But “I don’t know what the project group will be, but I think I will accept it if I come in any activity. Raised.

Lee Jin-hyuk, a member of Group Uptension, recalls a difficult past. He wrote, “I wrote nine albums and deceased by the fifth year of my deceased. I wrote an album, but it’s not recognized and it doesn’t work.”

Lee Jin-hyuk said, “When we started the activities, Seventeen, Monsta X and Sampajeon, but the groups were getting up and we were not good at the passion. He also mentioned Andy, who is a representative of his company.

Renamed episodes were also released. “The original name was Lee Seong-jun. The former activity name was Wei. As the year changed, I renamed it, and changed it in a month to change something good.” MCs also said, “The name is much better now.”

Lee also confessed the difficult past. “I was bullied in middle school,” he told me. He said, “I was a little pure. I was angry when I was angry.

When the family learned this, they asked, “What do you want to do?” For Lee, the family turned to the agency and actively supported him.

At the end of the broadcast, he confessed to heart disease. “I have heart disease,” he said. As soon as she was born, the valve didn’t work well.

Lee Jin-hyuk said, “I knew that people’s chests were hurt, but I found out that it wasn’t in elementary school.” I have to practice every day because I thought I should get over it. ‘

As a result, my heart grew bigger and my muscles developed. Jinhyuk Lee ” I have a disease, but my doctor says it’s amazing, but not unusual. I still get regular checkups. ”

Lee Jin-hyuk, who dreamed of becoming an idol while watching TVXQ’s Yuno Yoonho, followed Yunoyunho’s dance in the studio. MC’s passionate performance, “Jin has energy,” he praised.

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