Ji Seok Kyung and Chin Se Kyung unveiled the main poster exploding the chrysanthemum, Especially in the poster, bright visuals and ambassadors are raising their heart rate by 200%.

The MBC new drama “The New Embassy Gwanghae-gil (Playful Kim Ho-soo / Director Gang Il-soo, Han Hyun-hee / Production Green Snake Media)” scheduled to be broadcasted at 8:55 pm on July 17th will be held on the 8th, Woo Min) main posters and footage of the shooting scene on Naver TV.

The ‘new recruits’ Kwak Hae-ryeong, with Shin Se Kyung, Cha Eun-woo and Park Ki-woong, is the first problematic woman’s history of Joseon and the ‘Phil’ fullness romance annals of Prince Yimim, Young actors such as Lee Ji-hoon and Park Ji-hyun and actresses such as Kim, Jin-jin, Kim Min-sang,

Finally, the main posters of the ‘New Guardsmen’ ‘were released. In the public posters Hae-ryeong and Lee-ri enjoy the happiness of walking on the beach and rob their eyes.

Yirim wearing a blue maid of honor and a yellow pastel hanbok are smiling at the smell of the beach sand. In particular, the two people who are stepping on the sand with their feet barefooted seem to be facing each other while laying down everything they are entangled with each other.

In addition, the dialogue in the poster, “You are the one who makes the great army like you,” energizes those who try to imagine that Hae-ryeong will be unique to Yirim. It will surely raise the expectation of the romance annals of the two men about how Hae-ryeong will affect Lee Lim and how Lee will grow up to meet Hae-ryeong.

Among them, Shin Se Kyung and Chae focus on the spot where Woo’s poster shooting scene is open. As the two men express their roles in the role of each person and pose skillfully, the expectation is raised that the praise does not end in the field.

“I wanted to include the images of Hae-ryeong and Yirim discovering each other’s true souls through the main posters, and the poster shoots went smoothly in a cheerful atmosphere. I feel like I have a good result with this fresh early summer energy, and I am looking forward to being a cheerful romance like Foster, so I ask for your support. ”

The ‘new guards’, which is Shin Kyung Kyung, Cha Eun Woo and Park Ki Woong, will be broadcasted on MBC at 8:55 pm on July 17th.

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