The line-up of SBS new drama ‘VIP’ (drama drama Lee Jung-lim) has been completed.

SBS side will meet in SBS drama ‘VIP’ in SBS drama ‘VIP’ on the 5th morning “SBS ‘VIP’ which is scheduled to be broadcasted in autumn 2019 will make a cast and make a full-scale shooting I will go in. ”

‘VIP’ is a private office melodrama that depicts the secret office life of a team dedicated to managing top 1% VIP customers in a department store.

Chang Sara, who recently proved her ability to substitute for her ability to play a three-dimensional character in SBS’s “Empress of the Empress”, married Park Sung-joon (Lee Sang-joon), who is the same team leader, but she plays a nasty job . Park Sung-joon, who is in charge of Lee Sang-yoon, has a talented and careful personality.

The actors who work at the department store that will be the background of the drama such as Lee Cheong-a, Kwak Sun-young, Pyo Yejin, Jung Joon Won, Shin Jae-ha and Lee Jae- The production crew said, “We have finished casting actors who believe in making ‘VIP’ together.” The actor line-up, which will do their best in acting, will be more secure.

The coming autumn broadcast.

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