Don’s Spike, Tei, and Lee Won-il appeared in the MBC every1 ‘Video Star’ and ‘I Eat The Best’ feature broadcast on the 22nd.

On this day, three of the best known broadcasters of ‘Moksin’ greeted each other with an introduction to certify their unique style. Don Spike said, “It’s Don Spike who writes a song and now uses meat.” He even sang Lime, and Tei sang a sweet song. Lee Won-il introduced himself as “It’s not a food fair, but a food chef.”

Don Spike, the second appearance, revealed the moment when he turned to the restaurant industry, and released the ‘Meat Hymn’ that he composed during the Pyeongchang Olympics. Tay expected to have nothing to say as it was his fourth appearance, but continued his witty talk. Won-il Lee received a congratulation from everyone because she was getting married to the program PD she appeared on.

Next, their great talk continued. First, Don Spike revealed his firm food philosophy, “It’s not a glutton, but a glutton.” “I love chickens, but I don’t eat chickens,” Tei said, and everyone was surprised. Don Spike said, “I don’t fight on the table. If it doesn’t suit my taste, I don’t look at it.”

Next, Tei said that he ate 25 meals in the past when shooting ‘One Night Food Trip’. Lee Won-Il testified that she admired “Eat better than me,” but Tei also wondered about “I was a real novelty.”

Lee Won-il was the main character of the 4th king of the ‘Fast Eating Contest’. Even the first win was in the second grade of elementary school. Lee Won-il confessed that it was a milk drinking competition at the time and that “You had 500 drinks.” In addition, in the Philippines, he participated as a former national team and certified the class that he was ranked 4th in the nationwide.

However, with the appearance of the representative of YouTube, YouTuber Shanghaigi, Suhyang, and Fume, they were forced to hurry. The famous glutton, Soo Hyang, said that three people who ate celebrities are pitiful.

Before the confrontation prepared by the production team, Don Spike, Tay, and Lee Won-il prepared their own food as a winning product. Even Lee Won-il offered an unprecedented offer to shoot content, saying, “I will serve the food directly to the winner.”

Class meals differed from the order of the banquet that began in earnest. One chicken on a plate was basic, and the amount of meat was huge. However, they all enjoyed food and certified eating habits.

During the confrontation, the food tips were eaten deliciously. Won-il Lee told how to roll a single line without cutting the pork belly, and it was important to eat neatly in Shanghai.

Tay, who was stimulated by the injury period, showed extra splendid noodles by ordering additional ramen even while on a diet. Don Spike also resents Tei by ordering additional ramen.

Pume, who loves spicy taste, proposed a spicy food showdown. Don Spike, Narae Nae, and Tei, who had previously tested Silbi Kimchi and spicy dumplings, were all embarrassed. Following the challenge, Lee Won-il succeeded in the challenge, but was very distressed.

In the eating showdown that ended up with the last dessert donut, Tei forgot about the diet he was holding and said, “I think I’m a real pig.” Eventually, it was necessary to end the confrontation with Kim Sook’s high current and discharge of the camera battery.

The final winner was the injury phase, which consumed about 19,000 calories.

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