tvN ‘Toy Drama’ Hotel DeLuna ‘ There are three ghost hoteliers who will burn out their will. Bartender Kim Seonbi (Shin Jung Keun), Chamber Choe Seo Hee (Bae Hae Sun), Front Man Ji Hyun Jung (Chun Ji Hoon) is the main character. The still cuts released today (1st) reflect the stories of the three ghosts who still hold secrets, each with their first meeting with Jang Man-wol (Ei-eun). Why are these obsessed with Del Luna?

#. Bartender Kim Sun-bi, why couldn’t he leave Deluna for 500 years?

“After a long period of mathematics, I had a sudden death at the moment when I realized the dream of being a man-in- That was the only thing revealed about him in the last six times. Unlike Choi Seo-hee and Ji Hyun-joong, it is not known how he died, why he worked for Deluna for 500 years, and when he will leave for the underworld. But after the leaves of Moonyeong-soo, he was the first to say, “Let’s send out the ruler.” It amplifies the curiosity of what is in it.

#. Guest room Chang Soo-hee, secrets 42 years ago?

Choi Seo-hee, who was the eldest son of a prestigious Sega, was killed in the hands of people in the unfortunate story. It was 200 years since she had come to hear the sound of her cries and to work as a guest cabin in Del Luna. She could not leave Delunas to watch the last seed in the house dry. But in the last four episodes, 42 years ago, it suggested that something happened to her. “Is it safe to go this year?” Kim Sun-bi answered, “If the same thing happens again 42 years ago, Mrs. Choi will be taken to the real world.” What happened to Choi Seo-hee 42 years ago?

#. Ji Hyun Jung, the scar hidden behind the bright smile?

Ji Hyun Joong has been working as a frontman for 70 years after dying in the war. He has a sister still alive and waiting in DeLuna to go with her. However, playing the piano with Yuna in the last six times, he remembered his happiest daily life with his cute brother and his sisters before he died. Even Jihyeon, who always liked to play with a clear smile, hinted that he was hurt deep inside his heart and attracted viewers’ attention.

There are three souls who are doing the task of healing many souls, but they are still showing a dilemma to defend Del Luna in order to resolve their ideals. Even though it seemed to fit well with Woo Sung Sung (jinjugu), when the story about the full moon and the age of the moon came out, I closed my mouth and wondered. The filmmaker said, “As well as the full moon and the favor, the narrative of the hotelier 3 people is another attraction of the drama. As the story progresses, characters centered on DeLuna will be animated. They also want to look forward to the future of Hotel Del Luna.

tvN ‘Hotel DeLuna’ broadcasts every Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm.

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