In the TV CHOSUN ‘Wife’s Taste’ broadcast on the 24th, the appearance of Ham So-won, who was taken to the hospital when her mother-in-law, Mama, climbed up and down the stairs for a diet, was hurt.

It was the day before Mama went to China. Last week, Ham So-won refused to live with his mother-in-law who had died, and has already booked a flight ticket for Mama to go to China.

Ham So-won helped see Mamarul in the hospital. He was worried, “Why did you not do your usual exercise?”

The doctor who saw Mama’s condition diagnosed that “the bones are safe.” Then, with a relief, Ham So-won immediately asked the doctor, “I’m curious, can I get on this plane?” Jang Young-ran shouted to Ham So-won, “It’s too bad.”

Lee Hwi-jae said, “Mr. Jang Young-lan has lived with her mother-in-law for a few months.” Jang Young-ran said, “I still have to ask when there is no. Mama is right next door.” However, Lee Hui-jae’s “Language doesn’t work” he immediately accepted.

However, Mama noticed the meaning of the question asked by Ham So-won. The doctor said, “I don’t think it has a big effect.” Suspiciousness. Ham So-won also corrected her posture for her frequent injuries.

Ham So-won, who returned home, took out the refrigerator vegetables and prepared raw spring rolls for the hungry mom. Evolution was sorry for Mama’s condition and blamed Ham So-won for saying, “You should have taken care of your mother.” Ham So-won’s sorrow exploded.

Looking at the situation of Ham So-won’s evolutionary Mama, Lee Ha-jeong said, “I think I’m seeing ‘Love and War’.”

Evolution approached Ham So-won and suggested, “Let’s postpone the flight date for two days.” Ham So-won said, “Would you like to postpone it for two days?”

Mama changed the thought “I’ll be here” right after the evolutionary saying, “I want to see you, but why are you going?” Even if Ham So-won said, “I told my father that I’m already going,” Mama said, “You can’t say you’re not going back.”

Mama replied, “I’m worried that my father is waiting, so I’m worried.” Ham So-won stepped out in response to Mama’s attitude that seemed to live in the press. He called his mother and complained, “It’s like a limit.”

Regardless of Ham So-won’s worries, Mama made a call to her younger siblings in China, and asked her to come to Ham So-won’s evolutionary home and stay with them.

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