The members are saying, “It’s getting better, it’s getting better,” and “You do not have to worry about it, because we are young and rested. .

On the day of the broadcast, the members missed out on the empty seat of leader Kang Seung-yoon. Lee Seung-hoon said, “You can see the importance of Seung-yun.” He said, “I am sick because my fourth microphone is empty today.”

When asked who is the leader, the members who said that the original leader was Song Min Ho said, “Many people do not know, but Minho was originally a leader. Song Min-ho, who said he would be the leader instead of this day, said, “It’s a different (proprietary), and it will change a lot.” If he was a free leader, I would be a coercive leader. I laughed.

In addition, Song Min Ho said, “I did not prepare for absences at a recent event, but I do not have abdominal muscles, but I do not have a provincial body, so I seem to have seen it. .

Lastly, Winner gave a greeting to the audience, promising to return to complete in a short time with Kang Seung – yoon.

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