YG Entertainment today unveiled Kim Jin-woo’s second concept teaser poster on the official blog at 10 am on the 4th.

In the poster, Kim Jin-woo shows a distinctive big clear eyeball and raises the expectations of the viewer. Kim Jin-woo perfectly embodies the red shirt and adds alluring charm. In particular, the phrase ‘AUGUST 14’, which announces his solo debut date, is eye-catching.

As a member of group winner Kim Jin-woo, who released his first solo song in five years, said, “The word ‘solo’ seems a bit awkward for me. I’m always scared and excited to be alone with our members. ”

Kim Jin-woo continued, “Members are cheering for me a lot, and I made a lot of efforts to release solo songs. I think it’s because there is an inner circle (winner fan club) that allowed me to play solo songs. I am happy and grateful to meet my fans. ”

Kim Jin-woo who enjoys her solo debut is responding with “Facial Gourmet”, “I’m really looking forward to it”, and “I’m curious about what style song will come out.”

Kim Jin-woo’s group, Winner, was the number one song title for all albums released over the past five years. Kim Jin-woo, who used to be a vocal “ I like you ” (winner “ Lily Lilly ” lyrics), is excited by the fans.

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