‘I love you in the first place’ has increased immersion with beautiful beauty that can not keep an eye on the first broadcast.

Yesterday (6th), SBS drama “I Love You” (directed by Lee Kwang-young / dramatic Kim Jae-jeong / production BeyondJ), which was broadcasted yesterday, is a perfect trio of speedy story, fresh production and next- .

On this day, problematic boss Dumingik (Kim Young-kwang) and contracted secretary Jung Kang-hee (Jinju state) I was attracted by the charm that I can not hate but I hate it. On the other hand, Jung Kang-hee formed a common consensus as a secretary who struggled with his mother’s wishes and his mother’s will, “If three people are impatient, they will not kill”.

However, Dae-Min Yi suddenly announced the termination of contract to Jung Kang-hee and added excitement to the house theater. The democratic law of democracy has not been signed with secretaries for more than a year, revealing the question of what happened to his past. In order to be converted into a full-time position, Chung Kang-hee, who was stubbornly resigned, took an advisory resignation and exploded with a secretary corps with a weapon in his hand.

Especially, the scene where a problem occurred in the face recognition area due to an incident of a lifetime in which a fool who thinks horribly of my body is suddenly attacked raises the immersion of viewers. The faces of all the people in the hospital who were brought to the hospital were crushed and they fell into the temple and grabbed Jeong Kang-hee, who had been kicked out, and decorated the highlights with an ending with an urgent desire to say “Give me a life!” have.

In addition, the mysterious relationship between Duk Min-Ik’s best expectant (Guo Jae-seong) and his secretary Lee Wu-ryu (Geo Yeon-min) and the depressing emotional expression of Dae Min-Ik’s uncle Dae Hae Yong (Kim Min-sang) (7 days) is making the broadcast more and more waiting.

The speedy development and delicate production that caused the accident from the first and second times gave a fresh shock to the viewers. SBS monthly drama ‘I love you in the first place’ comes with warm spring scent this spring.

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