Participant Mobile Idol App ‘IDOLCHAMP’ has voted under the theme ‘August Comeback Idol’ which fans are most expecting for the past two weeks.

From the group’s girlfriends to the solo debut of Wanna One’s Kang Daniel, the hot summer of July, Daejeon, became more intense as it entered August. In August, talented female singers were transformed into solos and presented a variety of music.

First of all, the group’s Wonder Girls singer Haefeld (Ye Eun) fired a shot on the music chart war in August with ‘happy now’. Tiffany received a hot felt barton and released a new song in six months, and A-pink member Oh Ha-young also debuted on the 21st with a mini album.

The main character of the idol group who received the expectation of the fans with the brilliant solo female artists decorating August is ‘X1’. X1 came in first with an overwhelming support rating of 48.73%. Rookie Boy Group X1 (Han Seung-woo, Cho Seung-yeon, Kim Woo-seok, Kim Yo-han, Lee Han-keol, Cha Jun-ho, Son Dong-pyo, Kang Min-hee, Lee Sang-sang, Song Hyung-jun, Nam Do-hyun) held ‘Premium Shocon’ in Seoul, Korea The song ‘FLASH’ stage was released for the first time to announce the intense emergency. In particular, ‘FLASH’ became the fourth largest music site Melon in Korea after the release of the music source, also proved the popularity of the X1.

In addition to ‘FLASH’, this debut album includes intro songs ‘Stand Up’, ‘Pretty Laugh’, ‘Okay’, ‘You God It’, ‘Prod. By ZICO’, ‘_Jima’ The track was recorded. Among them, the audition concept evaluation songs ‘You God It’ and ‘Move’ became the topic with the X1 version re-recorded in the voice of 11 members.

Meanwhile, UP10TION, which came back on August 22, came in second with 26.28% in the most anticipated August comeback idol vote. Oh Ha-young (11.47%) and JBJ95 (5.23%) were named in the third and fourth place respectively. In addition, Oh My Girl and Rocket Punch were selected as the comeback idols in August.

On the other hand, Idol Champ is voting to select idol members who go well with fresh concepts. Candidates such as Park Ji-hoon, NCT Jaemin, and X-one Song Hyung-jun, who have cute charms in each group, have been ranked. The voting results can also be confirmed through KStarLive, a global Korean wave community.

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