XtvN (Directed by Lee Joon-suk) is a new-style quiz game show where six cast members share one image for each of the unknown game masters ‘scene’.

It is expected that the fun of seeing whether stars can win a quiz showdown with ‘Scene’ is important to cooperate more than any quiz program. The faces of cast members who have challenged the quiz show also add to the expectation. Jang Dong-min, who has already become known as a genius of the game with an excellent quiz sense through the TVN ‘The Genius’ series, joins the quiz of the scene.

The philosopher Kim Joon-hyun, a gaggye philosopher, will also participate in the quiz war, adding tension and fun. Hagyeonghwan, a comedian who is second to none, also appears in . With his unique sense of entertainment, his attention is focused on the joining of Hur Kyong-hwan, who plays a big role in choosing his genre. She is known as a synonym of harmony, and it is said that she will show an outstanding talent to combine various clues in the quiz war as well as the atmosphere maker of the movie theater.

Even though it looks dark, at some point, Yu Bae-jae, who has a special ability to make the laughing sea around, also jumps into the quiz war. It is a question of what kind of actor Yu Byeong-jae will play in the idea of ​​converting ideas that have created the idea of ​​bouncing through broadcasting and artist activities. Group Winner Kim Jin-woo also joins as the only idol cast of . Kim Jin-woo is supposed to be surprised by flexible ways of thinking and approach that are not bound by rules.

The production team said, “Cooperation is the most important quiz game show. My colleagues will see hints that I can not see, and the process of combining the clues will give viewers the feeling of quizzes together on the field. It is expected that the quiz show of ‘Scene’ and the cast of six characters who have a reputation in the entertainment industry for their sense and sense will give a thrilling pleasure. I would like a lot of interest, “he said.

Quiz game XtvN to show a new paradigm of the show will be broadcast in July first.

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