S.I.S to the public as a sister concept from one home to the third house came last June, the first concerts and the musical group SIS was active sets out a four-regime activities Minji, autumn, and, sebin .

JMG (Double Extenition) agency said, “Membership period has expired for the duration of the exclusive contract with the agency,” he said.

“The new SIS, which consists of Minji, Autumn, Ann, and Sebin, is expected to have an unlimited potential and sufficient capacity, so we will start full-scale activities,” he said. said.

Member months are suspended for a while due to personal circumstances.

SIS member Ji Hae said, “I would like to thank you again for the company that provided support in various aspects while working as a member of SIS, I decided to concentrate more on my studies, “he added.” I will always support the members who will be working as a four-member. ”

The four-person SIS is in a new turning point. I am interested in various aspects of SIS that will be working as Minji, Autumn, Ann, and Sebin.

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