On June 20, JTBC ‘Ai Brother’, a former baseball player, Joon Hyuk Lee, former marathon player Lee Bong-ju and shooting player Jin Jong, appeared together as a transfer student.

On this day, all the students showed their honest attitude. Kang Ho-dong called Yang Jun-hyuk “Yang Shin” and he was a great baseball player. Yang Jun-hyuk said, “I had the most hits, the biggest homeruns, the greatest doubles, the greatest scorers and the most RBIs.” Kim Hee-chul said, “Have you ever been with Park Chan-ho?” And Yang Jun-hyuk said, “Park graduated from high school and went to the US immediately.

Lee Bong-ju said that he had played a running game with Lee Soo-Keun in the past broadcast. Lee Bong-ju has speculated that the marathon runners are weak at short range, and the video of the two games was interesting to me. In addition, Lee Bong-ju gave a big smile to his members by creating a unique artistic character with an unsuitable tension.

Jin Jong-oh radiates charisma as an active player. He said he was aiming for the Olympics in Tokyo next year as well as being successful in catching the shot. However, he confessed that he would not be able to live a long life with his presbyopia, and the director of the gun museum was said to be a dream.

Afterwards, the players talked on various topics. I have talked about the gifts I received from friendly North Korean athletes, my relationship with Kang Ho Dong, the episode “I Want to Be United”, and the troubles of my athletes. In addition, the students and brothers showed a smile by showing off their ‘candle off’.

The three people of the sport put down everything, actively broadcast and made a big smile. The performances of three entertainers and latecomers were outstanding.

On the other hand, ‘Knowing Brother’ is a program to deal with all kinds of play in the world that takes place in the school. It is broadcast every Saturday at 9 PM.

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