Actor HyungSuk Kim returns to medical drama.

A drama official said on the 9th, “Hyun-suk is joining as one of the main characters of TVN new drama ‘Sick Doctors’.”

‘Sage doctor’ is literally the doctors’ main character. Story of a person who is not a political struggle or a medical story of a common doctor. We talk about doctors and what happens in them. I planned the season with the point of medical drama. It plans to develop the project as early as December this year and at least as a three year project from next January.

Hyundai has been worried about his next work since last year ‘s’ Sean Shine’. She appeared in the musical ‘Gentleman’s Guide’ entertainment ‘Coffee Friend’ and selected ‘Sage Doctor’ as a drama.

The ‘wise doctor’s life’ was cast with extra-soft stone. Four men and one woman are heroes and the casting is somewhat over. tvN ‘Reply 1997’ ‘Reply 1994’ ‘Reply’ 1988 ‘with Shin Wonho PD and Lee Woo Jung’s new work.

It is a follow-up program for the Friday Night Show, which is scheduled to be broadcasted in September, once a week.

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