Actress Yoon Gyun-sang and Lee Jun-hyuk will make a special appearance in ‘Nokdu Flower’.

The drama ‘Nokdu Flower’ (drama Jeong Hyun-min, director of the drama Kim Seung-ho) of SBS gilt drama is a lyrical human story of a half-brother who had to fight in the vortex of the Donghak Peasant Revolution in 1894. A solid story, a heavy message, a coarse production, and a hot act that does not buy the actors’ body are on the air.

“Nokdu Flower” is an indispensable viewing point is a meaningful special performance of various actors. Actor Jang Kwang acted as an actor in the role of Tom Gwan-ri, who caused the Gobu-mi-Ran, the starting point of the Donghak Peasant Revolution, to play a special role and played an important role in the development of the play. Min Seong-wook (Min Kyung-sun), Min Jung-ki, Han Sang-jin, and Kim Yi-ri, have appeared in Mincho of the torch-bunch that intensely decorated the first broadcast.

There are special performances that should be noted in the 13th to 14th ‘Nokdu Flower’ which is broadcasted on the 17th. The main characters are actors Yoon Gyun-sang and Lee Jun-hyuk. The two are in a sticky relationship with Shin Sang-soo, and they make a special appearance in “Mung Bean Flower.”

Yong, Gyun-sang worked together with Neksoo’s director, SBS ‘Kwon Ryong-nara’ and SBS ‘Question of the Moon’. Yoon Gyong-sang, who played the role of Mulhyu, the last dragon of the six dragons in “Kwon Ryong’s Narsa,” showed off acting skills that were not new at the time, and led the play to one of the six dragons side by side with the actors who were outstanding. ‘The beginning of the question’

In addition, the relationship between Lee Jun-hyuk and Neko Suki is also special. Lee Jun-hyuk appeared as a martial arts teacher in Hongdae-hong in the “Kwon Ryong’s Narsha” and played a role of licorice. His unique witty acting ability and his breathing with other actors gave his viewers great love. Of course, breathing with Yoon Gyeong-sang, who appeared as a merciless, was also special.

In this way, two actors who have been following the ‘Kwon Ryong’s Narsa’ and Kang Hyun-suk ‘ The role of the two actors in the “mung bean flower” is hidden in the veil. I wonder how they will appear and what kind of acting will be shown.

“Nokdu Flower” production team, “Yoon Gyeong-sang and Lee Jun-hyuk did not hesitate to make a special appearance without hesitation with director Nyunsu. Thanks to the actor’s rich acting and ad-lib, there was no laughing on the scene, and I would like to thank the two actors who have come to a step and showed me some wonderful performances. I look forward to your visit. ”

The special appearances of Yoon Gyun-sang and Lee Jun-hyuk will be unveiled at 13 ~ 14th ‘Nokdu Flower’ which is broadcasted at 10 pm on Friday, 17th.

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