I met actor Yoona who succeeded in transforming the image as well as showing his first title role as a movie ‘Accident’. Yoona has accumulated the possibility of acting as a movie actor in the movie ‘Hyeonjo’ through the act of acting like a good friend of the North Korean soldier (Hyun Bin). At that time, although it appeared as a short comic and natural smoke, Yoona, who has been well received by audiences, has succeeded in building an image of a new genre actress that was not in the original action scene as well as hard climbing action did.

Q. The movie was so fun, and the acting was really impressive. How did you feel about the finished work?
A. There was a lot of disappointment in my performance, but I did not regret it because I did my best in the field.

Q. The climbing skills shown in the movie seemed great, and the running was good. What is the secret of how well you have accomplished this challenging action?
A. Da camera angle and the power of editing. (Laughter) This movie seems to show that nothing in the world is useless. Through the movie I felt the attraction of climbing. It was a whole body exercise. But usually Pilates and PT is also a little bit. What really matters is the fitness. I think that the most important thing in life or disaster situation or any situation is fitness, so I try to make exercise more hobby. I have a lot of scenes in which I play in the drama. Since I was a child, dancing has helped me a lot in the scene of filming while taking a movie.

Q. Through this film, I proved that I am an actor who is suitable for both screen and picture tube. What part have you worked on for acting, and on which part did you postpone?
A. Acting practice was actually concentrated during the training and debut, and when I was working on ‘Hyeongjo’ or ‘THE K2’, I made a character by talking to the bishop and actors on the field while studying alone. The basics I learned in the past have helped a lot, so I do not seem to have much difficulty in postponing it now. I thought of only one thing during this movie. ” Lord of the Week ” (the name of the character played by Yoon Ahn). I would like to show you something different, look pretty or not look pretty, or put something down, rather than think about what to do.

Q. I was a center in the girl group ‘Girls’ Generation’, and I have been in the spotlight for a long time. It’s been a long time since I started acting, but it seems a bit late to start the movie now. Was there a reason?
A. Two years ago, ‘Cooperation’ is my first film. There were many reasons, but the characters I could have had more drama. There were some suggestions from the movie, but I had a suggestion for a character whose age was not right or too strange, and for the first time I met a character that I thought I would like to try and do in a ‘

Q. Girls’ Generation member Seo, who appeared in the movie ‘Girls’ a while ago, appeared in a rather unconventional way. Was there any sympathy among the members?
A. As a member of the Girls’ Generation, I used to show only spectacular performances on stage, but in my daily life there are only acts to make people smell and be friendly with age. Some of us have matured, and at that time we were awkward, but we seem to be getting better and better now because we have accumulated experience, age and time. The members are so familiar with the images shown in movies and dramas, so they evaluate the performance of each other as if they were “just you?”, And it was rather fresher and fresher for us than for the audience that they are new to such scenes.

Q. It’s a bit of a shattering picture in a movie, did not you hesitate in expressing it?
A. In the old days, everything was so good. I was tired of bothering me too much, but nowadays I feel I have to admit that I can not afford my mind. Every time I try to do my best, I get the idea that there will be no regrets. If it is the same as before, it would be said, ‘Are not people capturing again?’ If you were satisfied with it at that time, the public would appreciate me only as a result of it, but if you did not do your best, you would be upset and unhappy. I will do my best every moment. I do not want to leave work.

Q. If you were not a member of the Girls’ Generation group, but just ordinary people like you, how would you like to live now? Have you ever imagined this?
A. I often try. What kind of life did I have if I had not auditioned SM? Perhaps you are studying abroad by studying abroad, studying cooking or baking, and so on. I am trying to do something I have not been able to do in the meantime especially during the busy period. In the past, I traveled with my family, but this time I went to a train with my friends. I used to eat only in a private place because I was always concerned about my surroundings. I also prepare for the Chinese language test and I want to continue my workout. There are a lot of things to be charged in the process of doing everyday things with these trivial wishes. In the meantime, since the rate of entertainment has been so high, we are trying to match the war label well now.

Q. This year has been 30 years. How do you feel about being thirty?
A. When I was thirty, I was able to afford it. Rather, last year was more difficult. Even if there were other people in the ninth, I would have liked it, but it was really hard. It was because it was a time when my thoughts were changing and my values ​​changed. I had more time to look back at me than I did not have any case. Thanks to it, I learned more about myself. From what I like and what I do not like, I think that I need to adjust the war label while doing activities, and I have made an environment and room for living since last year. It was so much easier this year when I had time to look around and rearrange me. Last year around I was busy working too much in my adolescence, and now I think I’m going through puberty.

Q. What is your future goal as a member of Girls’ Generation Yoon Ah who is 30 years old now, and actor Yoona, unlike the girl age of 20?
A. Though there is still an opportunity to show singer activity in Girls’ Generation in the thirties, it seems to show a new appearance again. I want to have a lot of energy to do what I want to do and to be able to do what I want. Originally, I go through the big picture and the things that come right in front of you rather than running. So I do not have a big answer to the question of what the goal is, but I am going to challenge myself without constraints or limitations.

Q. How do you want people to remember?
A. It’s a difficult question. Well … I wish I could become a person who would like to see you again. I want to feel like I want to see or feel anxiety over time.

On the other hand, the film ‘Liquid Sheet’, which Yun and Kang Suk Seok performed, will be released tomorrow.

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