Singer Daniel became a representative of one corporation. It is expected to enter into various business areas in the future.

As a result of the coverage of YTN Star on the 10th, Gang Daniel was listed as the CEO of KD Corporation. Kang Daniel, a member of KONNECT Entertainment, announced the start of a new singer activity. Connect is also a division of Cady Corporation.

Kang Entertainment is in the entertainment business division of Gang Daniel and Kady is in charge of other Gang Daniel activities. Gang Daniel has also named Connect Enter as an in-house director (representative).

Gang Daniel ‘s new agency, Connect, expressed his ambition to connect Korea with the world through his activities.

In the afternoon of the 9th, Gang Daniel was able to communicate with his fans through his instagram, attracting attention.

Gang Daniel was quoted as saying that he was able to perform his own activities separately from LM Entertainment (hereinafter “LM”) by citing all of the “application for temporary injunction suspension” filed by Gang Daniel in March 2005, Soon after, I started preparing to establish a one-person agency. Gang Daniel plans to make his debut date with his solo debut soon.

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