In the KBS2TV ‘Salim Boys 2’, which was broadcast on the 7th, Choi Min-hwan and Yul-hee couple are depicted in a ring stall at home under the ring.

Choi Min-hwan prepared a salty fan that is popular on SNS using a fan. It was a salty fan that hung a soju glass in a fan and toasted.

Yul-hee proposed to have a drink by sitting next to Choi Min-hwan, who was drinking alone. Yul-hee ordered food for the food stalls and put on lighting to create a food stall atmosphere.

Yul-hee said, “It’s like we’ve been able to make time since we went around.” Choi Min-hwan said, “Ul-hee is in her twenties even if she enters elementary school.” Yul-hee said, “I’ll go with the prettiest at the entrance ceremony.”

Choi Min-hwan said, “I don’t think I can have any more children.” Yul-hee said, “I want to give birth to three”. Choi Min-hwan asked, “Wouldn’t it be difficult?” And Yul-hee said, “If the second is mild, it is possible.”

Choi Min-hwan said, “I have a romance. It was so cute that young children are pushing their fathers in the bath. I want to go to the bath with her.”

Yulhee said, “When you have a drink, the mood becomes heavy. I prepared for you.”

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